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Houston: PayPal Giving Fund

Houston Texas and the devastation caused by Harvey

I live in the El Paso. The Far West Texas Desert town where a spit of rain from a miniature cloudburst sends our trucks fishtailing on the I-10. We just recently got our house back after a washing machine hose burst and the house had a couple inches of water in it. Floors were ruined and some dry wall was soaked. But in comparison to my friends in Houston, nothing really happened here.  Its unfathomable how much of a rebuild Houston has ahead of them, but I’m sure with everyone’s support, they’ll be back on track in no time.

If you can, try donating to a reputable charity.  There are many charities to choose from> I personally sent funds through the PayPal giving fund. I liked the immediate  transparency and I know they will get the funds where they are most needed. Give it a try!