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To Porg Or Not To Porg

Star Wars Porg Chase

As a long time, and not casual Star Wars fan, this year’s build up to the Last Jedi is nerve wracking!  I’ve done all I can to avoid videos, articles and any other spoilers that are out there.  The speculation surrounding fuzzy image snaps of product packages is just too much though. There was that thing with Rey’s haircut and the possibility that REDACTED These speculative spoilers tend to change my perception of what the movie might be like and it kinda takes away from the experience when it inevitably becomes something that I didn’t expect.

But there is this one thing out there that has me wondering… I hate that i’m wondering, but it’s there.  Do I care about a “PORG”?  Should I care about a “PORG”. Why do I ask myself this?  Well, because of those POPS!  There’s a Chewie holding a Porg, there’s a Target Exclusive PORG with Wings spread, there’s the common PORG and there’s the Chase PORG and there’s probably a PORG Plush and PORG Boxers and PORG man Bun ties too.

So, should i care about the PORG? On the annoying Star Wars Character Scale is a PORG going to be a JarJar or a Wickett?  Or something in between? Or nothing like that at all? Remember when there were 17 THOUSAND variations of Crossbones POPS for Civil War and then he was in the movie for like 4 1/2 minutes? Is a PORG the CROSSBONES of The Last Jedi?