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To Porg Or Not To Porg

Star Wars Porg Chase

As a long time, and not casual Star Wars fan, this year’s build up to the Last Jedi is nerve wracking!  I’ve done all I can to avoid videos, articles and any other spoilers that are out there.  The speculation surrounding fuzzy image snaps of product packages is just too much though. There was that thing with Rey’s haircut and the possibility that REDACTED These speculative spoilers tend to change my perception of what the movie might be like and it kinda takes away from the experience when it inevitably becomes something that I didn’t expect.

But there is this one thing out there that has me wondering… I hate that i’m wondering, but it’s there.  Do I care about a “PORG”?  Should I care about a “PORG”. Why do I ask myself this?  Well, because of those POPS!  There’s a Chewie holding a Porg, there’s a Target Exclusive PORG with Wings spread, there’s the common PORG and there’s the Chase PORG and there’s probably a PORG Plush and PORG Boxers and PORG man Bun ties too.

So, should i care about the PORG? On the annoying Star Wars Character Scale is a PORG going to be a JarJar or a Wickett?  Or something in between? Or nothing like that at all? Remember when there were 17 THOUSAND variations of Crossbones POPS for Civil War and then he was in the movie for like 4 1/2 minutes? Is a PORG the CROSSBONES of The Last Jedi?


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Houston: PayPal Giving Fund

Houston Texas and the devastation caused by Harvey

I live in the El Paso. The Far West Texas Desert town where a spit of rain from a miniature cloudburst sends our trucks fishtailing on the I-10. We just recently got our house back after a washing machine hose burst and the house had a couple inches of water in it. Floors were ruined and some dry wall was soaked. But in comparison to my friends in Houston, nothing really happened here.  Its unfathomable how much of a rebuild Houston has ahead of them, but I’m sure with everyone’s support, they’ll be back on track in no time.

If you can, try donating to a reputable charity.  There are many charities to choose from> I personally sent funds through the PayPal giving fund. I liked the immediate  transparency and I know they will get the funds where they are most needed. Give it a try!

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New and Updated 8-29-17

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The PopOLoco online shop is up and running! (and it took way longer than expected)  We had some “stuff” happen at the house this summer that delayed the shop progress and had me and the family displaced for a while. Homeowners tip: Check your washing machine hoses! If they look a little sketchy, go ahead and save yourself the headache and replace them!

As far as the online shop goes, new product is posted almost every day. It will be like that for a while as I catch up with my orders and translate those onto the store.  Speaking of pre-orders, i’ve got that function setup and running now.  With the pre-orders you can lock in your items now and have them about as soon as I get them. I’m not Hot Topic, so you can expect around a 30 day lag time between the time stuff is available at the HT versus the time I’ve got them ready for you. Mas O menos for sure. Funko and my supplier don’t have a lot of time to stick to release schedules or anything like that. But If you pre-order, i’ll keep you updated on the status as much as possible!

If you live in and around El Paso, TX, then you can skip the shipping and collect your purchase on the first Sunday of the month at the Toy Show or another designated time. Usually around the 2nd Thursday of the month around Airway.  Otherwise, I offer free shipping on orders of $99 or above.

As far as deals go, I have a couple of ways for you to save! You can save 15% off of the regular price of most items in the shop by using the code “LOCO” at checkout.  The code excludes sale items and exclusives. It works on your purchase up to $98.99. This is great for onesie twosies on POPs, Marvel Legends and many other items.

However, if POPS are your thing, then just add 3 to your cart and they automatically get a discount!  You can get 3 regular priced, not “stickered’ pops for $27.  The 3 for $27 is only good on regular priced pops and not combinable with any other offer.

And Don’t forget! We’ll be at Sunland Park Mall on Sunday the 3rd!  Hope you can make it!

Scroll through whats New and what’s coming!

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Collectible and Toy Show-Sunday Sept 3rd at Sunland Park Mall

Collectible and Toy Show Sunday 9/3/17 at Sunland Park Mall

Its time for the Monthly Show sponsored by J&M Sports and Toy Collectibles!

Our show is hosted every first Sunday of the Month at Sunland Park Mall. There’s usually about 20 to 30 vendors with all sorts of Sports Cards and Sports Collectibles, Toys, Figures, Funko, Marvel, Hot Wheels, Posters and More!

  • Sunland Park Mall is Located in El Paso TX
  • Show Starts at about noon, but we should be set up by 11:30 am
  • Show winds down starting at 4pm depending on vendor. Mall is open until 6pm

Stop by early for the Best Selection!  If you have have Collectibles ordered for local pickup, I’ll have those available for ready as well!


Our Site is up and running.  The full inventory isn’t loaded but you can already find some deal and new merchandise. Pluse we’ve got pre-ordering available too!

Save 15% with code LOCO
Save 15% with code LOCO
  • DEALS: All Non-Exclusive Funko POPS are buy 3 for $27  NO COUPON NEEDED.  Just add 3 qualifying POPS to your cart and you “auto-magically” get the discount. Not combinable with other offers
  • COUPON! you can get 15% off other non-exclusive items by using the code “LOCO” at checkout. Not combinable with other offers.
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Sunday Collectible Show: July 2nd Sunland Park Mall

Toy Show Sunday July 2nd 2017

Come Join us at Sunland Park Mall in El Paso for the monthly J&M Collectibles and Toy Show!  Multiple vendors will be on hand with a variety of Sports Memorabilia and Collectibles. Featured Brands from different vendors include Hot Wheels, Funko, Hasbro, and much more!

The show will be on the lower level next to Sears.  The show starts at noon and runs until closing at 6!  See You There!

Small Sample of Products on Hand