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Estimated Ship: Sept 2019

Estimated Ship: Sept 2019

PopOLoco offers a simple pre-order with up front delivery estimates right on the order page. This collection of Collectibles can be ordered now and shipped to you when in stock.  Pre-Orders are a great way to ensure you get the item you want, without all the hassle!


  • Order "Pre-Order" items with same or similar Estimated Ship Dates. Nothing ships until every line items is available to ship. If something is available to ship now, but the other item you pre-ordered isn't available for another couple of months, the entire order will be held until all items are available.
  • Separate In Stock Items from Pre-Order items. You will know an item is pre-order by its title. Remember, the entire order will ship once ALL the items are available to ship
  • Use Lay-Buys Layaway plan to start paying for your Pre-Order now, and finish paying later. This reduces your up front cost and keeps you from having to pay the whole order up front. Monthly payments required.
  • We are unable to Cancel Pre-orders. Once you pre-order, It will be yours as soon as we get it in stock.  

The Estimated Ship Date for this set of Pre-Orders is September 2019.

We are not responsible for Manufacture changes in ship date or delays they may encounter. All ship dates are ESTIMATED unless otherwise noted. 

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