You can Pre-Order and reserver a majority of new items that are on the way!  If an item has the pre-order badge, you can order it now and it will be reserved for you when it arrives. 

Notes on Pre-orders: 

  • We only put items up for pre-order if we are confident we won't get under allocated by the distributor or if we know we will get the items in stock. 

  • Items not marked with the Pre-Order badge can't be pre-ordered. However, these listings are a good place holder to know what we plan on stocking on our online shop.

  • In order to reserve the item on pre-order, payment is due at time of checkout.  

  • Pre-order items should be ordered separate from in-stock items, otherwise, the entire order will ship after the pre-order items are in stock as well. 

  • Pre-order items ship within 1 business day of the item coming in stock.