Now Shipping! 11-29-20

Now Shipping! 11-29-20

The Post Thanks-glutton edition...

Its been a busy weekend and I hadn't had a chance to catch up with the latest arrival I got at PopOLoco!

First and foremost, the Marvel Legends Venomized series got an early drop for us! What a relief as I know so many of you were hoping to have these in time for Christmas! Most all the pre-orders made it out the door already with a handful left to ship out on Monday the 30th. A limited stock is available to anyone else still looking to complete this set and build that massive Venomized Deadpool!

2020 has been the year of "one-up-manship"! Its seems like Joe Exotic was years ago, but that Tiger King "Documentary" was merely the start of the bizarreness that was in store for 2020. Each month after brought us a more bizarre show of crazy than the month before. From "Murder Hornets" to the mysterious appearance of a "Monolith in the Desert" and everything in between! The one stand out phrase around our house was "this is fine" Yeah, so my point is, we now how a FUNKO POP Representing the motto of 2020! Check out the latest meme themed Funko POP of the This is Fine Dog! In stock and now shipping!

Lots of other fantastic stuff is ready to go too! The latest Star Wars Black series is here featuring favorites from the Mandalorian TV series, Classic's from Return of the Jedi and a Cad Bane from Clone Wars! (one of my favorites for sure). The latest line Black Series come in the new, more efficient display box. With color coded titles and side art to match the series the character was featured in. This new style of package for the black series makes stocking and shipping on my side for sure! 

Check out all this and more at!

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