What's Shipping 11-23-20

What's Shipping 11-23-20

What's Shipping 11-23-20

I don't have to tell you how disrupted the 2020 shipping schedules have been!   But in spite of the delays and slow downs, I'm starting to get a wave of new collectibles in!  

Also, some long backordered items will start arriving over the next few weeks. On track to arrive soon is the Marvel Legends Venomized line of collectible action figures!  If you pre-ordered anything from this line, sit tight, the wait is almost over!  keep an eye on your email and this space for updates!

For this week we got a variety of Funko POPs, Action Figures and Hasbro's Animatronic Star Wars Child (AKA "Baby Yoda").  

Other featured collectibles are the NYCC 2020 con Funko POP exclusives of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy. These highly anticipated POPS will include the shared con sticker and be protected with a PopShield POP Protector.

We got a unique buying opportunity to offer the Exclusive Marvel Legends Stepford Cuckoos!  We got a limited allocation of these but hopefully our collecting community will have an option to pick these up with shipping included in the price!

Check out some other exclusives from Funko and CHASE Bundles!  Check out the shop for these and much more!

In an effort to encourage safe and health shopping this holiday season, we offer FREE Shipping on selected collectibles featuring Exclusives and Action Figures. Mainline POPS and larger items are excluded from this offer. Please check our shipping policies for details!

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