What's Shipping Week of 8/18/19

Landing this week at PopOLoco

We've got an awesome shipment of collectibles headed our way!  Check out what's shipping the week of August 18th 2019:


From Funko we've got 3 new POPS! coming in stock. Viktor Krum stars out the Harry Potter Yule Ball Wave. Look for more Harry Potter coming this Fall!  Jim Halpert from the Office Mainline POP will be in stock. A chase may become available once the stock is accounted for!  And the eagerly awaited Exclusive GITD Deku In Full Cowl will be in stock and pre-orders start shipping on Wednesday!

Last but not least, the 2019 Marvel Themed Advent Calendar will be in stock this week!  Look for 2019 Harry Potter themed Advent Calendar later this fall!


Hasbro is bringing us the X-Force Wendigo BAF Marvel Legends Line. The line includes fan favorites like Nightcrawler, X-Force Wolverine and MORE!  Check out the full line on our shop. Search WENDIGO

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