Where's my Wave 7 VC Star Wars Figs!

Where's my Wave 7 VC Star Wars Figs!

As you are already aware, you don't have your Vintage Collection Death Star Gunner, Luke Skywalker (Crait) or any of the other figures from Wave 7.  So what happened? Why haven't they shipped??  Simply stated, my distributor has not received them yet.  This is one of those Hasbro issues that are outside the supply control. We're all just waiting. Hasbro is pretty mum on what the hold up might be.

The only additional info my distributor had to provide was that this was coming straight from China to the distribution warehouse rather than China to Hasbro to Distribution.  This was supposed to speed up the process, but when there are delays that Hasbro does not comment on, it offers no benefit to us.

I appreciate everyone's patience on this as there are some great figures in this set!  These are still in queue to be sent and we will ship them to those of you that pre-ordered as soon as they are in our hands! We will update you if anything changes. If you have questions, please contact me with your order number so I can discuss with you further.  Until, then keep collecting the good stuff!

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