How We Pack

If you’re purchasing an exclusive or “stickered” Funko POP! it will include a “Tank” soft protector.  The protector is an extra thick .50 mm and can withstand a reasonable amount of crush weight without damaging the POP!  If any excessive or rough handling should occur during shipment, the protector will take the bulk of the abuse and the POP inside should be well preserved!  There are no guarantees in life, but we want your collectible to arrive in the best condition possible.

We use bubble wrap, packing paper, packing peanuts and other suitable materials inside slightly oversized boxes to get your collectible to you as safe as possible.  We NEVER use “Air Pillows” to overstuff a box. In our experience, the “Air Pillow” is a package destroyer!

What’s a “Stickered” Funko Pop?

You know, a POP box with Stickers!  Chase stickers and retail exclusive stickers and GITD Stickers and CON stickers and Sticker Stickers for the stickers!  STICKERS!

Do you offer Free Shipping?

YES!  orders greater than $99 ship for free in the Domestic US.  We also offer weekend meet-ups in our “Loco” area.  The area covers zip codes in the 799** zone.

What Shipping Service do you use?

Most everything we offer can ship via USPS priority or priority express. These services offer tracking and insurance and have been very reliable for us thus far. As we grow, we will be expanding our shipping services and range.

Can I Buy Today And Pay Later?

One of the forms of payment we accept is PayPal Credit. If you have a PayPal Credit account, you can take advantage of PayPal Credit’s 6 months same as cash offer.  The 6 Month Same as cash has a minimum purchase amount of $99.  You can purchase today and take up to 6 months to pay without accruing any interest or fees.  Its a great way to get those special collectibles or premium exclusives without taking a hit on your wallet!  The service is only available for online purchase. You must have a PayPal Credit account and you must select the option in checkout.  Visit PayPal’s Credit page for more details and to apply!

I didn’t find my answers in your FAQ!  HELP!

Use our contact form and we’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible!