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Transformers Ultimates Ghost of Starscream 7-inch Action Figure

  • Sku: SUP81398
  • Barcode: 840049813984
  • Vendor: Super7
  • Type: Action Figures

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Product description

Once relegated to the Decepticon Crypt, the ghost of Starscream is now free to haunt your Transformers lineup. Is that cool, or what?! Based on the episode "Starscream's Ghost" from the original The Transformers cartoon, Starscream returns as a sparkling robo-ghost after being blasted into oblivion by Galvatron in The Transformers: The Movie. And… wait for it… this Transformers Ultimates Ghost of Starscream 7-Inch Action Figure features glitter injected directly into the translucent plastic to achieve this hauntingly beautiful, sparkly look! The 7-inch, highly articulated deluxe action figure includes a variety of interchangeable parts, such as a G1 toy-accurate head. However, it's made to order, so if you don't want to miss your chance to own one, you need to order now!

  • Look! It's your old buddy!
  • The ghost of Starscream is now free to haunt your Transformers lineup!
  • The 7-inch, highly articulated action figure includes various interchangeable parts.
  • Glitter injected into the translucent plastic achieves this hauntingly beautiful, sparkly look.
  • It's made to order, so order yours now! Ages 14 and up
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