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Summer Clearance: Savings UP TO 50% or more!
Summer Clearance: Savings UP TO 50% or more!
Why Choose PopOLoco for My Next Preorder? - Pop-O-Loco

Why Choose PopOLoco for My Next Preorder?

PopOLoco has a smarter way to preorder. We make it easy to find these collectibles and keep you up to date on the latest information.

We offer the fastest, easiest and most convenient way to complete a preorder for any and all of your favorite Collectibles. We have you covered with the best prices around, quick and easy shipping options, and access to the latest collectibles from the hottest licenses.

PopOLoco offers customer friendly pre-order options

We have engaged Purple Dot pre order services to help manage all the pre-order logistics.  Purple Dot is an industry leader in payment capture and defer charge services.  This means Pre-Order today and you will not be charged until your collectible is ready to ship! Look for the Pre-Order collection and reserve the latest collectibles today!

No Upfront payment!

When you reserve a pre-ordered collectible from PopOLoco, our vendor partner will capture your payment method using above industry standard encryption methods.  Your payment method WILL NOT BE CHARGED until the item is in stock and ready to ship.  Payment methods include Visa, Master Card, and PayPal.  Our Pre-Order PayPal acceptance follows all rules and regulations set by PayPal usage standards. No pre-payment, even with PayPal. No money leaves your account until the item is ready to ship.

Pre-Order Discount

Starting today, all pre-orders will have an automatic 10% discount applied off the list price.  That means when you pre-order from PopOLoco, you'll get a great deal, right from the start!  in addition, pre-orders have a flat $4 ship fee no matter the size or amount of the order.  This pre-order discount and pre-order ship fee is less than that of in stock items to better service our most loyal collectors! Take advantage of the pre-order to get a great deal on the latest collectible. (FREE Shipping available for exclusives and Mezco Collectibles)

No Penalty Pre-Payment

You have the choice to pre-pay your order.  This is OPTIONAL!  You will receive an order confirmation email once you've completed your order.  In that confirmation you will find a link to your order on our shop site.  This order page will offer you the ability to pre-pay for your items without penalty.  This option helps in budgeting your future collection with what you have available now. But again, this is completely up to you!

Status Updates and Notifications

In addition to status changes on the pre-order product pages themselves, a valid email is important to use to stay up to date on shipping dates or delays.  Shipping times are much better post covid, but issues do still arise from time to time.  The best way to stay informed is to review notification emails regarding your order.  

Self Service Cancel option

We know circumstances and tastes change over time.  If you need to cancel, that is option is available to you! Please keep and retain your order confirmations for links to the self service cancel options.  There is no penalty or charge for cancelling during the pre-order status window. No charge to you, no charge to us!  No Harm, no Foul! And of course, you can always reach out to me direct for assistance as well!

We understand that there are many ways and different companies (or at least there use to be) to pre-order collectibles but we know there are always a lot of questions about the process. Our goal is to make that process easy to understand and implement for our customers. We have made the checkout easy, added all of the carriers in one location so it is just a click away, made the front page items easy to find, and we offer pre-pay option or no pre-payment option so you only pay when your item ships. We want your experience here at PopOLoco to be a positive one, so we ask that you contact us if you have any questions as your orders are very important to us.

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