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Check out the latest DISCOUNTED Collectibles
Check out the latest DISCOUNTED Collectibles

Our Story

Pop-O-Loco is a small online business made up of the husband and wife team AKA Andrea G and Vince D.
Like most Collectors turned Retailers, we started off by just picking up a POP here and there from the things we like. Then we traded some extras, sold off some extras. Hunted the good stuff. One morning, the not so bright one of us (and by one of us I don’t mean Andrea) woke up and decided to set up shop and share some deals with fellow collectors.
I set up to catalog our inventory and then converted it to full fledged online store. We’ve got options to ship from our Home town of El Paso TX and options to pickup locally with a meetup delivery with a small fee. 
We’re no Amazon, and that’s a good thing. We take pride in our shipping! When shipping, we use services that reduce time in the hands of the shippers and packaging that keeps your order protected and new. We use lightweight protectors, packing paper and never use those so called “air-pillows”. Air Pillows expand in shipping and crush boxes. We know how disappointing it is to get a crushed box and we do everything we can to get your collectible in great condition!
Check out the ever expanding Pop-O-Loco Shop and let us know if you have any questions!